Many advances have been made with respect to infant bottles. The feeding bottle for newborn industry is a large one, but a few stand high above the rest. There are a variety of options currently on the market. These options provide parents with great specifications, enhancing the overall bottle feeding process. Many bottles boast these new and ergonomic designs. Some of these are companies such as Dr. Browns, Nuby, Playtex and VentAire. These companies have proved to be trailblazers within the bottle industry and are producing bottles to meet the growing demands for healthier and more effective bottle feeding.
With the designs changing from the standard upright bottle to renewed bottles with either curved necks, curved mid sections, and/or interior flow designs, many parents are singing the praises of these new and improved design elements, as well as their efficacy. With the improved designs of the bottle, less air gets trapped, which increases overall feeding pleasure and decreases discomfort. This, in turn, leads to less gastrointestinal distress, such as gas, spitting up and burping.
These bottles also provide a variety of bottle sizes, nipple sizes, and can be purchased in either glass or plastic, depending on preference. With all of the bottle varieties on the market, these companies are definitely seeking to tailor the bottle feeding experience for the comfort and developmental growth of the child.

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